What’s the Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

Looking for a pillow that will help reduce pain and soreness in your neck? I can help with that.

I suffered from neck pain for over 5 years. Almost everyday I would wake up with a sore, stiff neck. I concluded that the lack of support my pillow was providing might be the culprit.

I began experimenting with different types of pillows with varying levels of success. Some standard fill pillows helped reduce the pain for about a week, but once the pillow began to flatten out, the support was gone and the pain and stiffness would start again.

I decided to start trying memory foam pillows even though the price of a memory foam pillow is a bit higher than standard pillows.

I noticed a dramatic improvement with memory foam pillows. But I noticed I would still wake up with a bit of stiffness most mornings. So I began experimenting with different memory foam pillows in hope of finding that perfect one that would eliminate my stiff sore neck.

What’s the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

I eventually came across the Sleep Memory Foam Contour pillow. It has a strange looking design, but in regard to its effectiveness in relieving neck pain and stiffness, I noticed a drastic improvement.

Sleep Memory Foam Contour

The strange looking butterfly design is intended to support the natural curve of the spine. I really noticed an improvement in the first night. The pillow felt like it was made custom to my specifications. I was also impressed with the fully removable bamboo cover. It is soft and comfortable on my skin. Even though I ended up putting a cover on it to better match my bedroom set.

The Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow also has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so I thought that was pretty cool.

If you suffer from neck pain and stiffness, I recommend giving the Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow a try.

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