Best Memory Foam Mattress

Whats the best memory foam mattress? I get this question a lot. The fact is there is no ‘best’ memory foam mattress. The real question should be,

‘what’s the best memory foam mattress for me?’linenspa1

Everybody is different. What feels great for one person, may not feel great for another. I provided a list of affordable memory foam mattresses, that I feel have something for everyone. View the list HERE

8 thoughts on “Best Memory Foam Mattress

      1. Your not alone in that belief Sue. Its pretty common belief that ALL memory foam mattresses are extrmemly expensive, which just isn’t true.

  1. Thank you for your informative list. It helped me find a memory foam mattress at a affordable price. Im happy and so is my husband. Thanks again!

    1. There is a couple answers to that question.

      They are the original Memory Foam Mattress company. When they first started making memory foam mattresses the process was much more difficult and unreliable than it is today. Therefore it warranted the higher price tag. Over the years they created a lot of brand recognition for themselves. Most people associate ‘memory foam mattress’ with ‘Tempurpedic’. The fact is that this brand recognition allows them to charge a higher price for their products, and people will still buy.

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