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If your in the market for a new mattress, but are working with a small budget, don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ve scoured the internet, poured over manuscripts, and seeked the wisdom of a Hindu Sage to find the best bargain memory foam mattress in existence. The verdict?

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress by Zinus

sleep master ultima mattress on platform bed frameZinus utilized their high quality foam and put it into a bargain mattress. They reduced cost by using a little less foam, and putting a more basic, yet still quality, cover on the mattress. The result is a plush, pressure reducing memory foam mattress that offers durability and stability. Here’s what some of the users are saying about the Sleep Master.


“Awesome mattress for those on a budget.”

“Seriously, where the hell else are you gonna get a decent mattress for this price?”

“I would recommend this mattress to anyone who asked, and I would purchase again if I had to do all over again.”

“It’s been a long time (4 years) and this mattress remains in the same condition as when I bought it.”

“It is soft enough while firm enough as to provide great comfort to a person like me, with joint-related issues.”

” The moment I first layed down on my new mattress my mind went into eternal bliss. The image of a swaddled baby Jesus coalesced in my mind. In that moment I knew my mattress selection was a sound choice.”

Sleep master ultima diagram of foam layersThe Sleep Master 8 inch mattress places 2 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of comfort foam, and 4 inches of high density foam at the base. The combination creates an extremely comfortable yet highly affordable mattress, thats attracted thousands of buyers. With close to 3,ooo reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars on, the Sleep Master is my pick for the title of Best Bargain Memory Foam Mattress.

Click here to learn more, and see price updates on the Sleep Master Ultima at

19 thoughts on “Cheap Memory Foam Mattress Pick

  1. This sounds like a pretty good deal on this mattress. I’m not needing one myself but my mom is currently in need of a new mattress. I’m going to tell her all about this one. I think it will appeal to her because of the great reviews as well as the price. Do you have any other recommendations for a mattress that is firm yet good for people with arthritis?

    1. Thanks for the comment Carol. I’m confident your mother would be very happy with this selection. Another good bargain mattress that I recommend for arthritis sufferers is the Classic Brands Cool Gel memory foam mattress. At slightly north of $200 this is an excellent bargain mattress as well. Its firm, but still offers the conforming comfort you would expect from a memory foam mattress. If interested heres the link to the product page at

  2. I’m glad I found your website! I have a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress which I remember, was not cheap. I’ve had it for 2 years. It’s still comfortable, though! I’m an Airbnb host and I thought about replacing the mattress in the guest room with a memory foam, and I thought I would get good reviews! The mattress on that bed is also 2 years old, but it’s a rather cheap one, because at the time I got it I did not expect to get into Airbnb hosting. Guests still say it’s comfortable, but since it’s a cheap mattress it may wear out soon because of its heavy usage. With memory foam mattresses at the price listed on your website, that would be the way to go! I’ll have to keep your site bookmarked!

    1. Thanks for the comment Karin. Whenever your in the market for a new mattress for that guest room, feel free to stop back. One of the little known facts about memory foam is that they are extremely durable. Some lasting up to twice as long as traditional innerspring mattresses. That sounds like what you need for your guest room Something comfortable yet affordable, that will also stand up to frequent use. Thanks again.

  3. I’ve been looking for the right mattress to buy for some time now. This one looks particularly comfortable. I see that there are many positive reviews about it too. I read about the benefits of memory foam and it’s very interesting. But why do they call it memory foam? Does it improve your memory or something?

    1. Yes your memory improves dramatically. You’ll be able to recall long forgotten names, dates, times, numbers with ease. I kid of course 🙂 Its name derives from the fact that it has the ability to always spring back to its original shape. Without that ability all memory foam mattresses would quickly develop a series of body shaped indentations. Probably wouldn’t make for a very comfortable nights sleep. Thanks Hannah for your comment, I hope your mattress search ends in a positive one. Cheers

  4. My mattress is a spring-bed and it’s known to be of the highest quality within its range. Even so after 4 years of usage, the mid part of the bed is starting to dip a little, causing an unequal surface whenever I sleep on it.

    I have been contemplating switching to memory foam mattress as I heard that they are better for the spine. I’ve been experiencing some shoulder pain of late.

    Just out of curiosity, does this brand that you recommend offer a money-back guarantee? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cathy. One of the key benefits of memory foam is spinal support. It supports the natural shape of your spine while you sleep. Opposed to innerspring mattresses which have a tendency to push against your pressure points forcing your spine into an unnatural curve.

      While a memory foam mattress won’t cure a sore shoulder, it won’t exasperate it like a innerspring mattress can. The memory foam will support and cradle your shoulder while you sleep alleviating that common pressure point.

      Zinus offers a 10 year worry free warranty on the Sleep Master Ultima against defects and premature wear. If purchased through you get the added benefit of Amazons excellent customer support, and no hassle return policy. I’ve been buying on Amazon for years and occasionally have had to make a few returns. They really do set the bar for customer service. I’ve been impressed with them on numerous occasions.

      Thanks for the comment Cathy. I hope I can be a useful resource for you if/when you do decide to make the switch.

  5. Wow this starts at $189?? That’s amazing. We just moved and were looking for mattresses and nothing came remotely close to that, let alone a memory foam mattress. We decided to sleep on my old mattress instead which is uncomfortable. We often wake up with body aches and stuff. Should definitely look into these.

    1. Thanks for the comment Gabriela. I definitely recommend a memory foam mattress if your waking up with body aches. Whats happening on your current mattress is its creating pressure points at your shoulders and hips. This throws the rest of your body out of alignment including your spine. which leads to the aches and pains that your experiencing. A memory foam mattress reduces pressure points, and keeps the natural shape of your spine while you sleep. This reduces morning pain. Thanks again Gabriela.

  6. Sorry, me again. I have an odd question that I’m not sure if you know the answer to. If someone orders one of these mattresses from Amazon, how does it get delivered? Most products can be delivered by ups, usps, or fedex but I’m not sure how something as big as a mattress is delivered?

    1. Amazon will ship Via UPS or Fedex. What they actually do before shipping is compress (flatten) and vacuum seal the mattress, then roll it up. They are then able to place the rolled up mattress into a long rectangular box and ship it. You might be thinking that sounds odd. And I guess it is. But what this does is ease transport of your mattress and protects it. When you receive your new mattress all you do is take it out of the vacuum sealed bag and give it 24 hours to expand to its full height. In my experience, I’ve never had it take more than 5 hours to fully expand, but times may vary. If your wondering if this does any damage, don’t worry its completely safe for the mattress. Its a tried and true process. Thanks Gabriela

  7. Derek, I have a question in my mind. And I hope you can solve it. I am 19 years old and spend most of my time sitting in front of my laptop, which obviously gave me a back pain. My friends are suggesting me to use memory foam mattress and that would solve my problem. But I want to know, if this is real or just a myth ? Because My uncle use memory foam mattress but still he often complains about having a back pain :/ . Will be waiting for your opinion on it. I want to clear this before investing on a memory foam mattress.

    1. Hey Eric, thanks for the question. Unfortunately a memory foam mattress wont resolve pre-existing back pain caused from sitting upright for extended periods of time. What a memory foam mattress is great at is resolving pain caused from sleeping on uncomfortable or unsupportive mattresses. In your case a memory foam mattress could help by not exasperating the problem like a innerspring mattress can. But since the root of the problem is sitting upright for extended periods of time, that is the ultimate problem in your situation that would need to be resolved. I hope you get it worked out. I hate to hear about a young guy like yourself having to deal with back pain. Good luck – Derek

  8. Thanks for this info. I was looking for a cheap memory foam mattress for my guest room. $160 for this mattress!! You can’t beat it. Definitely a bargain for a memory foam mattress!

    1. I just picked up one of these from amazon too. I can’t believe the price either. Its pretty darn comfortable too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention sleepreviews

  9. I’m thinking about getting a new mattress soon. I’ve always heard about these foam memory mattresses.
    They always have good reviews but are they too soft or too hard?
    I think the foam would adjust to your body and that you would get a good night’s sleep.
    My main concern is how much do these generally cost and what’s the lifetime on them?

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