Mattress Removal

Finally decided on that new mattress, but forgot about disposing of that old one? guy on bike with mattress , funny

With the convenience of ordering your new mattress online you don’t have to worry about transporting it since it will be delivered right to your door. Unfortunately your old mattress still needs to be dealt with.

Your old mattress can’t be placed in a dumpster or simply put out on the curb with the trash. Heck you can’t even douse the thing in lighter fluid and hold a neighborhood bonfire in your front yard. Bummer. The fact is it needs to be disposed of properly.

Amazon has a program where they will send out a professional to properly dispose of that old mattress for you. You don’t have to do a thing. Except maybe point and laugh at the poor sap who was hired to lug that heavy mattress into their truck. But thats your call.

If interested in this service CLICK HERE to head over to to get a price quote for your area. They will even haul away your box spring at no additional charge. Assuming you want them to that is.